How a Retrofit Metal Roofing System is the Perfect Roofing Solution

A Retrofit Metal Roofing System is an engineered and framed system that supports any new sloped-roofing system. One notable feature is that it is very lightweight and thus can be retro-fitted to an existing roof. The Ultra Seam Retrofit Roof is durable, versatile, energy efficient, easy to install and cost effective. Some of the features and benefits of an Ultra Seam Retrofit Roof are:
Installed on an existing roof
Eliminates tear off costs
Flexible design
Seamless integration
Available in a variety of colors
Energy efficient
High thermal remittance

The Best Roofing Option:

In all aspects a sloped roof outperforms a flat roof. Typically the flat roof encourages the pooling of water which can lead to clogged internal drains, and corrosion which substantially increases maintenance costs. A Retrofit Metal Roofing System eliminates pooling problems and their costs. Upgrading an existing roof is a cost effective solution not only in construction, but a substantial savings in maintenance costs as well. Retrofit Metal Roofing Systems can be customizable to include solar panels.

Retrofit Metal Roofing Systems are the perfect solution to change the look of an existing structure without the cost and chaos of demolition and tear-off. Retrofit Metal Roofing Systems are lightweight and provide weather-proofing to your existing roof. For the best customizable metal roofing solution for your building, contact Ultra Seam at 1-800-874-7326 or send us your inquiries on this form.