Ultra Seam US 175LS

Click here to download US-175LS Panel profile pdf

  • Lok-Seam metal roofing system
  • Galvanized, Galvalume, Aluminum, Zinc, Stainless and Copper
  • UL90 rated. ASTM E 1592 and UL 1897 “Wind Up-Lift” Tested
  • ASTM E 1646 Water Penetration Tested
  • ASTM E 1680 Air Infiltration Tested
  • Kynar 500 Finish with up to a thirty year warranty
  • Continuous length panels
  • Optional stiffening beads and striations recommended to minimize oil canning
  • Striation pattern varies by location
  • Clip offset available
  • UL Class A Fire rated
  • UL Class 4 Hail rating


The Ultra Seam Lok-Seam system utilizes state of the art technology for roof integrity and positive weathertightness. The Ultra Seam US-175LS panel has been tested and meets the stringent requirements of ASTM E-1592 and UL-1897. As ribs of adjacent Lok-Seam panels slide together enclosing the concealed clips, indents in the LokSeam panel ribs slip into place with a positive metal to metal lock. In turn, the enclosed clips positively secure the adjacent panels to the roof structure. Seams require no machine closing, yet are continuously and securely locked in place. By eliminating the need for mechanical seaming, installation time and cost can be greatly reduced. The standing rib of the US-175LS panel is 1.75” high. Available in galvanized, Galvalume, Zincalume, aluminum, zinc,stainless and copper. Regardless of which material is selected, the optional stiffening beads are highly recommended in order to reduce the slight surface waviness of the metal known as “oilcanning”. NOTE: “oil-canning” is a natural phenomenon inherent in sheet metal products and therefore is not cause for rejection of the material.
Tables Provided for General Reference Only Loads are based on engineering calculations of the panel only. Allowable uniform load values based on three-span conditions. For system requirements or design assistance, please contact your nearest Ultra Seam representative. 800-USI-SEAM(874-7326)
Click here to download US-175LS Panel profile pdf