Available Materials
(Some are available painted, some are natural finish)
Galvanized steel – 22, 24, 26 gauge ( painted )
Galvalume steel – 22, 24, 26 gauge (painted or acrylic wash coat)
Aluminum- .032 & .040 thicknesses ( painted, mill finish, or anodized )
Copper- 16 & 20 oz. thicknesses ( mill finish, lead coat, zinc coat )
Zinc- .7 & .8 mm ( natural or pre-patina finish )
Stainless Steel- .015 & .018 thicknesses
Based on a minimum of 70% PVDF resin technology Kynar 500 is a registered trademark of arkema, inc .and Hylar 5000 is a registered tradmark of solvay Solexis,Inc. *All tests performed to the latest ASTM revision. * Performance on G-90,Zincalume,Galvalume,and other approved Zinc/aluminum coated steel. Reflectance values measured using a D&S Solar Reflectometer,values may vary between instruments and method .The test results set forth are representative of the result obtained by valspar. Your result may differ. Warranties of the product are exculusively as set forth in the applicable contract documents. Fluropon is a registered trademark of the valspor coporation.