ES1 Perimeter Metal

Most roof wind damage / blow off problems originate at the perimeter of the roof system. Rarely is it due to something in the middle of the roof area. This is true for “flat” roof membrane roof systems also. Most of these roof systems terminate at the perimeter with a metal edging, gravel stop, or coping.

Inadequate design and attachment of the perimeter metal is directly responsible for a high percentage of wind related problems. Because of the scope of this problem a method of testing the wind resistance of these various perimeter metal design was developed by ANSI / Spri. ( American National Standards Institute / Single Ply Roofing Industry ).

The testing regimen developed is called ES-1 . Metal edgings, gravel stop, and copings are subjected to a standardized pull test that correlates to the wind uplift forces that the perimeter of a building is subjected to in high wind conditions.

This testing standard has been adopted by the International Building Code. This in turn has been incorporated into a large majority of state building codes. If you do not utilize an ES-1 perimeter metal system you probably do not meet your state building code requirements.

Tested designs are tested to the point of failure. The values achieved can be analyzed by an engineer to see if it meets the wind criteria for each particular building. Wind loads can vary greatly by building location, building height, local topography, etc. By choosing an engineered ES-1 tested assembly for your building you can be assured that your system choice will perform as needed and your building won’t join the list of thousands of roofs that failed due to poor design.

Ultra Seam has tested and offers a number of perimeter metal assemblies ( standard and snap lok style edgings, gravel stop, and copings ). By choosing Ultra Seam you can rest assured that you have chosen an engineered quality system to terminate you membrane roof system. Perimeter metal is a small cost component of a membrane roof system that is hugely important to the performance of the roof. Choose wisely. Choose Ultra Seam. See the sub tabs for the various profiles available for your roofing needs.