Ultra Seam Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Why Choose Metal?, Why Choose Ultra Seam?

Why Choose Metal:

Metal roofing can be a quality choice for almost any type of structure. Like many types of roofing there are quality and budget systems on the market with vastly different capabilities. Ultra Seam Metal Roofing Systems offer a range of premium quality standing seam roof styles that will accommodate most design requirements. Whether it be commercial, industrial, or residential, we have a panel that will perform and give the building a distinctive appearance. These are the important qualities to look for in a roof for any type of structure. Our various standing seam profiles allow us to meet the perfect blend of function and aesthics for your project.

These roofs are called standing seam due to the raised interlocking seams which connect one roof panel to the next. The various systems can meet the needs of low or steep slope, mansard, retrofit, or equipment screen applications. Ultra Seam has profiles that are suitable for spanning over open framing purlins on typical spacing, or laid directly over rigid insulation and / or solid decking. Many combinations of panel widths, rib heights, and seam profiles provide extensive application and design flexibility. Curved panel options are available.

When choosing a roof system, the following are factors that should be considered:

1. Durability in extreme weather conditions
2. Life expectancy
3. Cost- both initial and life cycle ( cost per year based on life expectancy )
4. Maintenance requirements
5. Adaptability to custom shape and detailing needs
6. Energy efficiency- high solar reflectance can substantially reduce air conditioning costs
7. Recycling- does the system material contain recycled material, and can it be recycled should the roof ever need to be replaced?
8. Added resale value of your property

We believe that Ultra Seam metal roofing systems will achieve high marks in all of these categories when compared to other options that you have, making our systems a choice that you should consider for your project.

About Ultra Seam

Ultra Seam is celebrating entering its 4th decade of supplying metal roofing solutions to customers across the United States. Our multiple decades of expertise will assure you a cost effective solution that will deliver the performance level that your project requires. With 15 plant locations spread across the United States we are positioned to effectively meet your needs wherever you may be. We are proud that we consistently offer fast delivery of our products compared to our competition so that you can meet your demanding construction schedule.

Ultra Seam wants to be flexible to fit your needs. We offer a range of metal choices and gauges. We can supply you with the various accessories ( clips, fasteners, rivets, sealant, pipe boots, etc. ) that will assure you of getting the complete system that you need.

While the number of plants under the Ultra Seam umbrella gives us the advantages of size, the individual plant locations function independently, giving us the flexibility to react to needs of the individual customers and to know the different requirements that the different geographic locations of the country require. In addition to supplying a quality product, we strongly feel that it is important to service the customer better than anyone else. This is our goal.

Contact your local plant ( see our location map ) or call our toll free number ( 1-800-874-7326 ) with any questions that you may have. We are here to help. Thank you for considering our product.

Our Brochure:

This brochure has attempted to give you a good feel for our company and what we offer, with tabs for panel profiles offered, paint colors and metal types, pictures of projects that feature our standing seam metal roof systems, sample detail drawings, and retrofit framing options.

In addition we have tabs for items that will help guide you through the process of selecting and installing a well designed roof system. There is a tab for Tech Topics which discuss various design and quality issue that arise on project, and a tab for helping you develop a specification for your projects.

Ultra Seam does more than just metal roofing. We fabricate metal trim for many other types of roofing systems. We have a tab that discusses proper perimeter metal design for flat roof systems. Ultra Seam has tested a variety of profiles that assures you that you are getting a high performance product.

Finally there is a tab that looks at how metal roofing fits into today’s emphasis on “green” construction