Ultra Seam Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofs are not the stereotypical barn structure roof or commercial/industrial grade roofs. A number of residential customers are also opting for Ultra Seam Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems. These roofs are called “standing seam” due to their raised interlocking seams which connect one roof panel to the next.

Ultra Seam will provide you with the highest quality metal roofs for your various applications. Our expertise will assure you cost effective solutions. Manufacturers nationwide – Contact us online or call our toll free number 1-800-874-7326.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

All of these metal roofs and architectural roof elements can be customized to match your specifications. Metal Roofs are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are run through rigorous tests before being sent to market. These Structural Seam Metal Roofing systems have a number of benefits.
Durability in extreme weather conditions
Low maintenance
Cost effective
Energy efficient roof coatings
Recycled content
Solar reflentance
High thermal remittance

About us

  • Ultra Seam standing seam metal roofing and siding products provide an ideal architectural solution for almost any type of structure. Ultra Seam products utilize state of the art continuous panel length technology to provide the perfect blend of function and aesthetics at competitive prices. With fifteen manufacturing facilities nationwide, Ultra Seam products are readily available to meet your demanding construction schedule.
  • Whether your requirements are for low or steep slope, mansard, retrofit, or equipment screens to hide rooftop clutter, Ultra Seam metal roof systems are suitable for either spanning across purlins on typical spacing, or laid directly over rigid insulation and/or solid decking. Many combinations of panel widths, rib heights and seam profiles provide extensive application and design flexibility.
  • Ultra Seam metal roof systems include panels, clips, fasteners, and flashing, custom designed to meet the needs of your particular project. Ultra Seam products are available in 22, 24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel, galvalume, zincalume, .032 or .040 aluminum, copper, zinc and stainless steel.